5 fascinating info about Venus, the Earth’s evil sister

Spectroscopic, radar, and ultraviolet applied sciences revealed a number of particulars about Venus between the Twenties and the Seventies. Nevertheless, many of the dependable information that we’ve got about Venus comes from house probes.

The primary one, Mariner 2, can be the world’s first profitable interplanetary mission. It collected information on Venus’ environment from over 21,000 miles (34,800 kilometers) above the planet’s floor in December 1962.

In October 1967, the Soviet spacecraft Venera 4 calculated the temperature of Venus’ floor and decided that its environment was largely composed of carbon dioxide (95%).

The primary black and white photos of Venus’ floor got here by the use of Venera 9 and Venera 10 landers in 1975. Venera 13 and Venera 14 delivered the primary coloration photos in 1982. Venera 15 and Venera 16 mapped round 25% of Venus’ terrain in 1983.

This information was confirmed and amplified by NASA’s Pioneer Venus Challenge from 1978 to 1992. The venture included an orbiter and 4 probes which transmitted information throughout their descent to the floor. One probe survived the touchdown and was capable of efficiently transmit information from the floor for 67 minutes.

Venus has a hostile floor setting, not solely as a result of of its excessive temperatures but additionally as a result of of its excessive atmospheric strain. On Venus, the atmospheric strain is round 92 occasions greater than that of Earth at sea stage, which is comparable to being half a mile (1 kilometer) underwater on Earth.

However within the upper-middle environment, on the cloud-top stage, issues are totally different.

In 2003, NASA scientist Geoffrey A. Landis famous in his paper Colonization of Venusthat at about 31 miles (50 kilometers) above the floor, the environment of Venus is essentially the most earthlike setting within the photo voltaic system aside from the Earth itself.

He proposed that human exploration of Venus might happen utilizing airships, speculating that in the future, humanity might ultimately construct everlasting settlements in the shape of floating cities.



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