Alan Stern’s Titanic Away Group Journal 18 July 2022

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On the urging of Keith Cowing I have been reflecting on the Titanic dive I am going to be making this week with OceanGate Expeditions and I am going to be sharing a few of these reflections with you right here. Be at liberty to share! these posts.

The primary reflection I would like to jot down about is the connection I really feel between my involvement on this deep ocean exploration and the approaching exploration of Ocean world Europa by NASA”s Europa Clipper Science Group, of which I’m additionally an element.

Europa, considered one of Jupiter’s largest moons, is a planet sized world with a water ocean beneath its ice. #NASA #EuropaClipper will discover it within the 2030s after a launch in late 2024.

Europa is considered one of many worlds in our photo voltaic system recognized or strongly suspected to harbor watery subterranean oceans, together with Enceladus, Titan, Pluto, and Triton.

Once I was rising up within the early 70s, it was actually unthinkable that sometime the wreck of the Titanic wouldn’t simply be discovered,however then explored by robots after which by people. And it wasn’t even a factor to assume that I’d ever have the ability go there to discover it myself.

In the present day it is nearly unthinkable that the opposite ocean worlds of our photo voltaic system, like Europa, will sometime be explored by robots after which people diving deep into their waters.

However the extra I take into consideration my very own capability to participate within the exploration of the RMS #Titanic, the extra I believe that people exploring the oceans of Europa, Pluto, Triton, Enceladus, and elsewhere is not to date fetched. I solely hope that period is nearer in time than we think about!
This is to exploration! And here is to our our species, the just one on this good planet Earth which is compelled to discover!


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